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2014_S2_Amy Dotson, Gannon Wilkins and Evan Miller_challenge course2014_S2_Amy Dotson, Xavier Piper and Evan Miller_challenge course2014_S2_Andrew Adams_ninja2014_S2_Ashton Otterson_campfire2014_S2_Ayub Frawan and Kevin Holland_boating2014_S2_Ayub Frawan_horses2014_S2_Breanna Black_stage night2014_S2_Bryson Ford and Josef Thurston_no hands spaghetti2014_S2_Bryson Ford_wild and wacky2014_S2_cabin 1 photo2014_S2_cabin 1_campfire2014_S2_cabin 1_evening program2014_S2_cabin 1_stage night2014_S2_cabin 2 photo2014_S2_cabin 2_cookhouse2014_S2_cabin 3_viking chug2014_S2_cabin 4 photo2014_S2_cabin 4_arrival day2014_S2_cabin 4_evening program2014_S2_cabin 5 photo

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