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2014 SFCN NYC GALA_Campers around Piano2014_SFCN NYC GALA_Camper on Stage2014_SFCN NYC GALA_Camper Performing 42014_SFCN NYC GALA_Camper Performing_12014_SFCN NYC GALA_Camper Performing_22014_SFCN NYC GALA_Camper Performing_32014_SFCN NYC GALA_Camper with Robin Roberts and Celebrities2014_SFCN NYC GALA_Campers on Stage2014_SFCN NYC GALA_Campers with Clea2014_SFCN NYC GALA_Campers with Sara Bareilles_22014_SFCN NYC GALA_Campers2014_SFCN NYC GALA_Don Gogel with Campers2014_SFCN NYC GALA_Elizabeth with Other Campers

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