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2014_S5_Alaya Richardson_challenge course2014_S5_Amara Turk and James Martinez_wild and wacky2014_S5_Arthur Liu, Cliff Unger, Molly Hemenway and cabin 2_cabins2014_S5_Arthur Liu, Grace Petroff, Molly Hemenway and Laura Dorneman_cookhouse2014_S5_Arthur Liu_challenge course2014_S5_Ashtyn Forbes and Dawn Ritzwoller_wild and wacky2014_S5_Caysen Hanks_wild and wacky2014_S5_Cliff Unger and Lexi Davenport_cabin2014_S5_Dan Arugello_depot2014_S5_Daniel (Sam) Landman and Molly Hemenway_evening program2014_S5_Daniel (Sam) Landman_evening program2014_S5_Dulce Castro and Grace Petroff_challenge  course2014_S5_Dulce Castro, Yarelys Martinez and Devon Lehman_challenge course2014_S5_Dulce Castro_challenge course (1)2014_S5_Dulce Castro_challenge course (2)2014_S5_Dulce Castro_wild and wacky2014_S5_Grace Elia and Lia Maualaivao_evening program2014_S5_Grace Petroff and Whitney Jones_challenge course2014_S5_Grace Petroff_challegne  course (1)2014_S5_Grace Petroff_challegne  course (2)

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