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2014_S3_medical team2014_S2_medical team2014_S2_Medical team_everything is awesome2014_S1_medical team2014_S1_Daniel Mayor and Nurse Franklin_arrival day2014_S1_Steph Hammer and Laurie Aaronson2014_S1_Mattie Doyle, Rachel Hopkins, Kate Koop and Nurse Lizze_challenge course2014_S2_doctors2014_S2_Dr. Adel Younoszai_no hands spaghetti (2)2014_S2_Dr. Adel Younoszai_no hands spaghetti2014_S2_Dr. Jeff2014_S2_Dr. Jeff_no hands spaghetti2014_S2_volunteers2014_S4_Alex Caylor and Nurse Kathy (davita)_cookhouse2014_S4_Jennifer Suchon, Shaylin Wall, Charlie and Emily Himmel_cookhouse2014_S4_Nurse Ali and Nurse Kathy (Davita)2014_S4_Nurse Mary and Nurse Ali2014_S4_Dr. Mindy Banks and son2014_S4_Nurse Mary and Nurse Regina2014_S4_Nurse Pat and Grace Indiano_depot

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