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2014_S2_Amy Dotson, Gannon Wilkins and Evan Miller_challenge course2014_S2_Devon Lehman, Kenzie Grant and Gabe Diaz-Pagan_wild and wacky2014_S2_Amy Dotson, Xavier Piper and Evan Miller_challenge course2014_S2_Dr. Adel Younoszai_no hands spaghetti (2)2014_S2_Dr. Adel Younoszai_no hands spaghetti2014_S2_Dr. Jeff2014_S2_Dr. Jeff_no hands spaghetti2014_S2_Harry Volz and Jahnte Dicko_silly olympics2014_S2_Harry Volz, Haley Walker, and Breanna Black_archery2014_S2_Jeff Darst_everything is awesome2014_S2_Joshua Bissett_challenge course2014_S2_Lonnie Stansfield_no hands spaghetti2014_S2_Margaret and Natalie Bent_cookhouse2014_S2_Marissa Chavez and Grace Mcintyre_silly olympics2014_S2_Marissa Chavez and Zyra Avila_cookhouse2014_S2_medical team2014_S2_Medical team_everything is awesome2014_S2_PA Mark_dancing2014_S2_Tanner Brown and Harvey Walter_wild and wacky2014_S2_Tanner Brown, Hayden Burenheide, Logan Castleton and Cole Younoszai

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